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How can you cool a room over the summer and keep it warm in the winter? Mini-split heat pumps provide cooling and heating unobtrusively. Mini-split heat pumps are used in homes that do not have central ducting.

This makes them particularly useful in retrofit scenarios for your home or business. Since there are no ducts to retrofit, a mini-split heat pump system is simple for pros to install. They provide excellent efficiency, dehumidification, and run quietly.

What are the types of mini-split heat pumps?

1. Ductless heat pumps: Ductless mini-splits are the most common type of mini-split heat pumps. They consist of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. The outdoor and indoor units are
connected with refrigerant lines.

2. Mini-ducted heat pumps: These are newer types of mini-split heat pumps that are gaining popularity. Their indoor air handler is often fitted in a concealed space such as above the ceiling
or below the floor. Since they require installing ducting as part of their installation, mini-ducted
heat pumps are best suited for retrofit projects in big homes or for adding to an unfinished basement suite of a house.

3. Cold climate heat pumps: Standard heat pumps lose their efficiency and capacity in colder
temperatures. Some units even shut off once the outdoor temperature is -8 o Celsius. Cold
climate heat pumps operate in colder temperatures as low as -25 o Celsius.

Installing a mini-split heat pump is best done by a certified technician. At General Heating and Air Conditioning, we can help you with every step of the process. We will help you install the condenser, locate the air handler, mount the air handler, set up the condenser, hide all of the lines, and cover up your mini-split heat pump for a non-obtrusive experience. Let us take care of complex steps. You are in good hands.

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