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Every home needs a hot water supply that is reliable. It is difficult to imagine showering, doing the dishes, or doing the laundry without hot water. At General Heating and Air Conditioning, we have experienced technicians that know best. Our technicians know how to handle your unit including proper drainage, safe water heater pressures, and taking care of combustion byproducts. A hot water tank should get service every ten years on average. If you want to avoid mold, mildew, and costly headaches like high insurance premiums from a leaking hot water tank. Avoid disasters like a flooded basement by preparing to get a replacement tank every 10 years. Your safety is our top priority.

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Considerations When Choosing a New Water Tank

What are the fuel sources for water heaters?

Electric water heaters are convenient. They run purely on electricity without any gas or propane. They are smaller than traditional units. They will not run out of hot water as long as they are plugged in. They are more affordable than gas heaters initially. Their long term cost can be higher than gas heaters if you live in an area where electricity is more expensive than natural gas.

Natural gas water heaters work faster than electric ones. Since they need venting, installation can be more expensive. Do keep in mind that the long term operational cost of running a gas water heater is lower than electric. Unlike electric water heaters, gas heaters work even when the power goes out.

Finally, propane gas water heaters are very similar to natural gas heaters. They also heat water quickly and do not require electricity. Propane is a cleaner energy source than natural gas.

How do tank and tank-less water heaters compare?

Tank water heaters are the most common type. They can store plenty (up to 60 gallons) of heated water at any point in time. They tend to be cheaper up-front compared to tank-less water heaters. Tank-less water heaters do not store water. Rather, they heat up your water on demand as the fluids pass through coils in the machine.

They take up less space and are environmentally friendly. When deciding between a tank water heater versus a tank-less water heater, bear in mind how much hot water you and your family need. Undersized water heaters will work harder than needed leading to a shorter functional life span. A larger water heater ensures that multiple appliances can run at once.

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