Air Handlers

Your air handler evenly distributes air that is both cool and warm in your house. We install high quality air handlers for our customers. It is still important to have your system checked for wear and tear as well as blockages on an annual basis.

At General Heating and Air Conditioning, we help you avoid expensive repair costs and extend the lifespan of your air handler system. It is important to take care of your air handler and schedule
maintenance every year with an experienced HVAC technician.

Schedule Maintenance for Your Air Handler We recommend scheduling routine checkups of your air handler with your local HVAC dealer once a year. Our certified technicians will take a detailed look at your air handler. Here is what you can expect from our experienced professionals:

– Ensure your air handler’s fans are dust-free.

– Check for wear and tear of moving parts.
– Clean your damper if there is dirt.
– Check for lubrication of mechanical connections.
– Clean your coils.
– Check for leakages.
– Check for rust.
– Drain trapped moisture.
– Ensure proper temperature and operation settings.

Common Situation Affecting Your Air Handler

If your air handler smells musty or looks moldy, then clean/replace your air filter. Mold tends to build up
in the filter.
If your air handler makes an unusual noise, this could be a variety of things such as a dysfunctional
motor or loose cabinet.
If your air handler has a drop in output, have a certified HVAC expert check it out. Your ductwork may be

Tips to Maintain Your Air Handler

First, change the temperature when you leave your house. If you are leaving your house for a few days, do not make your air handler work hard for no reason. You can have it running once you come back from your trip. Make sure you adjust the temperature based on the season. Your thermostat should be raised to 30 o C during the warm summer months and lowered to 12 o C during the cold winter months.

Second, make sure you routinely change your filters. Dust particles and mold can decrease air flow in
your system. Over time, these particles can affect the fan blades and the motor which could cause your system to stop working entirely.

Third, make sure a certified technician checks your air handler every year. This is important because
your air handler may be constantly on for the entire year.

Indoor Air Coils

Indoor air coils are an important part of central cooling systems. The most common central cooling system involves an outdoor cabinet containing a condenser coil as well as a compressor. There is also an indoor evaporator coil. When warm air blows across the indoor evaporator coil, heat energy transfers to the refrigerant inside the coil. This cools down the air. Your cooling and heating system are often combined since they share the same ducts that cool or warm air in your home.

Why is it important to clean your air conditioner coils?

Dirt, dust, and debris can build up on the surface of your air coils. This reduces the system’s ability to move heat throughout your house. This gets in the way of cooling your home during the summer. Not only does this make your home less comfortable to live in, but your utility bill may rise due to a loss of efficiency in energy usage. Dirty coils can decrease your system’s life span and lead to expensive repair costs.

Dirty coils can result in multiple challenges in the long run including:

1. Increased operating temperatures.
2. Less comfort for your family.
3. Less efficiency when it comes to cooling your home.
4. Higher costs of cooling your home.
5. Faster wear and tear of your air conditioning system.

How can you clean air conditioner coils?

Your air conditioner coils are an important part of comfort and efficiency in your home. That is why you should get the job done properly. Air coils are delicate and can get damaged during cleaning. For this reason, we recommend hiring a professional for regular coil cleaning.

At General Heating and Air Conditioning, we have certified technicians who are properly trained to maintain your air conditioner’s coils. Our trained technicians know how to get to your evaporator’s coil through an access panel which is removed with a nut driver or screw driver. We use compressed air to clean the air conditioner coil. We use heavy duty cleaning chemicals that meet the specifications for your air conditioner’s model. Our technicians clean the unwanted dirt from the unit.

Overall, this is acost effective solution to keep your unit running efficiently for decades to come.

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